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FILIGHTER Podcast with Lambo

Oct 4, 2022

Episode 16 Sean Mullaney – FI TAX GUY – SOLO 401(k): The Solopreneur’s Retirement Account

Episode 16 Show Notes-->

Book Link on Amazon 

SOLO 401(k) The Solopreneur’s Retirement Account

FIRE Tax Strategies for Beginners:

QBI Deduction for Beginners:

Sean's Twitter: @seanmoneyandtax

Sean's Website:

Sean's YouTube Channel: Sean Mullaney - YouTube

Other Mention: CampFI Southwest October 7-10, 2022


The discussion is intended to be for general educational purposes and is not tax, legal, or investment advice for any individual.

*Correction: Episode Recorded Wednesday, September 28th, 2022


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