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FILIGHTER Podcast with Lambo

Jul 25, 2021

FI-light-ER Episode 10 Show Notes:

Segment 1: Red X

Segment 2: Take Action

Segment 3: Community

Segment 4: Honor your Commitment

Specific Links mentioned in this FILIGHTER Episode:

S&P 500 Historical Annual Returns | MacroTrends

NASDAQ By Year - Historical Annual Returns | MacroTrends

Dow Jones By Year - Historical...

Mar 28, 2021

FI-light-ER Episode 9 Show Notes:

Segment 1: Changing with the Times

Segment 2: Embracing Change

Segment 3: Surprise Content

BOOKS Mentioned:

JL Collins “Simple Path to Wealth”




Mar 3, 2021

1) Spending Analysis

2) Net Worth

3) Current Year Forecast

4) Annual Plan

5) Mid Term Plan

6) Life Plan

7) Social Security


Post 4.0 from the blog

Social Security – When was the last time you downloaded your social security earnings and estimated benefit statement?  Go to

Jan 13, 2021

Join the FILIGHTER Community as we explore Millennial Boomer relationships and pass the best lessons down to the Next Gen FI 

Get mid-life traction on Financial Independence and make Early Retirement a real possibility

We pledge to bring our community actionable content and become a catalyst for your pursuit of...